The Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Espresso Machines

Espresso coffee has become a favorite of most people due to its rich, thick and creamy layer which makes it a perfect base for most other beverages too. So if you are planning to set up your own Espresso booth or planning to open a new café, Espresso machine would be more advantageous for your new venture.

So if you need help selecting a Commercial Espresso Machine for your new shop, you can find all the helpful information in this guide.

Types of Commercial Espresso Machines

  1. Manual

Also known as piston machine, this one is not suitable for a crowded area as it requires physical labor and is manually operated. It is good for places which have a low crowd and where electricity is scarcely available.

  1. Semi-Automatic

This machine would require you to train your staff to manually stop it. It costs less than an Automatic machine although temperature stability is not as precise as in an Automatic machine.

  1. Automatic

This machine allows you to customize your shots and lets you to program your requirements and then produces a coffee with the entered requirements automatically increasing your cafés productivity.

  1. Super-Automatic

The most expensive of all, this machine does everything from grinding to frothing and requires very less input from you. You can rest assured that it would be easy for your staff to handle and it would produce quick quality results too.

10 Things to consider when buying a Commercial Espresso Machine

  • Usage ease

The most crucial thing while buying a commercial Espresso machine is to check how easy it is to handle and learn how to operate the machine. You might hire some people to help you out and if the machine is too complicated to learn, most people won’t be able to quickly learn it which might affect your business. So go for a machine which is simple and easy to use.

  • How much time does it take to brew?

You want a machine which is quick and efficient, you can’t have a machine which takes 5 minutes to produce an espresso or a cappuccino. Your customers won’t be so patient and would like to have a quick service so how fast is your espresso machine in brewing plays a vital role too.

  • How consistent is the quality?

People go to Starbuck because they give them a high-quality coffee consistently and so if your Espresso machine doesn’t produce decent quality coffee every time, then you better avoid it. No one would say that this coffee shop gave me an amazing coffee on Tuesday, people like consistency.

  • Size of the boiler system

Boiler plays a crucial part in delivering steam and hot water and so you need to buy a machine depending on the drinks you are going to serve. Different group machines produce different amount of water for brewing, so you need to pay extra attention to this attribute.

  • Group size

You need to decide which group machine you require for your shop. If you take a one group machine, it will provide you with 2 espressos, a two group machine will give you 4 espressos and a three group machine will give you 6 espressos. So depending on the number of customers you will be expecting, choose the machine.

  • Performance and Power

If you are planning to serve a large audience, it would be better to go for espresso machines which provide high output power and are quicker to recover. Don’t go for machines which are slower to recover and cannot produce enough steam for your espresso.

  • Budget

Decide your budget and the features that you want, there are various espresso machines in varying ranges depending upon the features they offer to the consumer. If you’re short on the budget then there are cheaper espresso machines available in the market but then you can’t really expect commercial-grade brewing from them.

  • Attractiveness

As we all know first impressions are important, so buying an espresso machine which looks good and appealing to your customers is important too. Also, you will have to decide how big you want your machine to be. Make sure you choose an espresso machine which can produce a large amount of coffee at a time and which your customers find good to look at too.

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