Expert Say: How to have the perfect grilling technique

Well with all advancements in technology grilling has become a whole lot easier. You can get a grill with all the fancy frills and thrills but if you love the traditional way or can’t afford the fancy grills grilling the meat right will come down to the technique and technique alone. So here’s what the experts suggest to get it spot on.

1. Find the right gear

Well again, nothing fancy but a few basic tools can come in handy and make the cook a whole lot easier. Tools such as a steamed grill brush can help with the cleaning post a cook. Also, a meat thermometer can help determine temperature accurately thus resulting in juicier and tender meats. Also, you just can’t go wrong with the charcoal smoker, you can always read some reviews when in doubt.

Tongs and gloves can help you avoid burns and other injuries and makes flipping meats, adding in charcoal or emptying the ashtray easier than ever.

2. Heat, heat, and heat

With grilling, cooking the food right comes down to maintaining the right temperature and getting it wrong can result in dark, charry and dry chunks of meat. In case of gas or electric grills maintaining the heat is easier and can be done with the switch of the knob.

In charcoal grills, it’s done with the help of vents and thus having a grill with at least 2 vents is important.

3. Understand direct and indirect grilling

One the important aspect of grilling is to know when to use direct and indirect grilling. Direct grilling means cooking the food and veggies directly over the flame. With indirect grilling, the foods are placed on the cooler side.

Indirect grilling is useful when cooking large cuts of meats like a full chicken or turkey whereas direct grilling is more suited for smaller cuts such as steak, fillets etc.

Word of advice: Keep door closed during indirect grilling.

4. The right oil

Knowing what oil to use while grilling can often be a make or break decision. Oil helps get the perfect char on the meat and veggies. Most experts will recommend you use vegetable oil but if you’re looking to keep it fit and healthy olive oil is an equally good alternative.

Avoid using peanut oil. While it’s equally good oil for cooking it tends to stick to the grate and can be difficult to clean off post every cook.

5. Baste the meat

If you’re looking to keep your meat juicy and tender during the grilling process then basting the meat is a must i.e. pouring the juice on the meat over and over again. The perfect time to begin basting is an hour after the cook has begun otherwise the meat might lose the spice and herb rub.

Perfect Grilled Meat

Do not worry about overdoing it as some of the fat that drips through into the fire may give the meat a better smoky flavor and contrary to popular belief, won’t toughen the meat on the outside. You can also use this grilled meat and blend it with some delicious pasta you will definitely thank us for the recipes.




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