Best coffee shops in the States

Coffee is not just a drink, it’s an emotion. It turns your soul on, It recharges your brain batteries like no other drink can do. You cannot just sip a cup of coffee like a glass of water. Its aroma does not let you sip in a first try. Coffee starts your day and helps you sort out the plans for the rest of day. Our mornings are incomplete without coffee.

Americans are always portrayed as the casual beings who always thrive on the fast food and people from far east and the Europe doesn’t give their food culture much regard. But thinking in the united states has changed a lot in the past five years.

Nowadays we, the Americans want to know where our coffee comes from and want to know the whole story behind it.We know there are tons of coffee houses in the United States. We went to a large no of coffee houses based on the suggestions of our users and had a coffee and snacks there. We have therefore summarized the list and will tell you the 10 best Coffee houses in the states. We suggest if you are in the vicinity of these, have a sip.

Some more source: Best Coffee Restaurant in the world.

1.)Blue Copper Coffee Room

Location-Salt lake city, Utah

The interiors are such a pleasure to the eyesight that customers sit here for hours without realizing the time. Blue copper has an amazing staff and a work ethic to die for. They roast their own beans and have their beans imported from Brazil and Ethiopia. You will always have a good time here if you decide to drop by.

2.)Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Location-Boulder, Colorado

Based in the beautiful Boulder, this cafe seriously has its own hype. Coffee beans are imported from all over the world including Central America, some parts of Africa. Boxcar is located in two cities that is Boulder and Denver.They imply a special method in which a coffee can be brewed at lower temperatures.

3.)Cartel Coffee Lab

Location-Tempe, Arizona

Based in the amazing state of Arizona, The flagship Coffee here leaves you in splits, Its that much amazing. Coffee beans are imported from the best producers in the world such as Africa and Indonesia. Atauwauka is the name of their flagship coffee and if you are in the vicinity to have a sip.

4.)Anthology Coffee

Location-Detroit, Michigan

Detroit residents have suddenly become heavy coffee drinkers all thanks to this coffee house. Apart from the coffee serving, the cafe is also known for its coffee education given to its consumers. It sources its coffee from Nicaragua and Guatemala.

5.)Espresso Vivace

Location-Seattle, Washington

It’s called espresso vivace for a reason. The owner is very well read about coffee’s and has also written a book on the same topic. They serve amazing espresso’s and an avid fan of the espresso will seem to be in a wonderland once he/she visits the place.

So, readers, this is the compilation of the TOP 5 Coffee Houses in the United States. I hope it was a good read for all of you.

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