Variety of coffee


Cappuccino is the most famous coffee beverage and now is a beverage that it is found almost at every café now a day (or at minimum a type of it). A real cappuccino is made with mixing of identical portions of milk froth, steamed milk, and espresso. This amazing beverage can well compete with even your desert if prepared well with extravagance.
Useful tip: Cappuccino really comes alive once it’s topped with cocoa powder or a grated chocolate (dark).

Some Best type of coffee.

Mochachino or Mocha

The basic addition which is done to either cappuccino or caffe latte is that chocolate powder or syrup is added. This drink is called Mocha. All over the world, there are many different techniques to prepare Mocha. It’s taste might as well depend of that.

Useful tip: Very much like the cappuccino, Mocha can as well be served by adding grated chocolate (dark) or cocoa powder on top.


Espresso is prepared world-wide in a machine designed for Espresso only. This machine pushes steam at large pressure via the much roasted coffee beans which puts a soothing fragrance of coffee in it. An ideal Espresso has a thick light brownish foam on top of it. Another way of testing the foam or crema is that when sugar is put on it, the sugar will stay on the foam for few seconds before going down.

This beverage is the basis for a huge types of coffee beverages, example cappuccino, although most experts emphasize that putting anything (except a little bit sugar) is blasphemy, comparible to alcohol fans putting their drink with a soft drink.
Useful tip: This drink is to be taken either along a small tsp of sugar or directly. “Short Espresso” means highly concentrated coffee with minimum water whereas “long” refers to a less concentrated Espresso.

Caffe Latte

Mix one section of Espresso with 3 sections of milk (steamed) will give you Latte.
Useful tip: It will give an amazing taste to your Latte once you mix sugar to it. Latte feels like heaven if you can serve it with squishy cake, cookies and also fresh baked bread. It can change your experience of coffee into a brunch that everyone would give a thumbs up to.


One part Espresso plus one part of boiling water makes Americano. This name of beverage was derived as per the likes of Americans who like it much less concentrated. A proper blend of Americano gives an extravagant and creamy beverage to start off you day with.
Useful tip: Now a day, people like to even take it with milk and sugar. Experts beg to differ and keep milk to least so that espresso retains its taste.

Caf au Lait

A one on one ratio of steamed milk with brewed coffee gives this beverage. This is a French beverage, as the name suggest. It’s taste is much similar to caffe latte only a bit less concentrated.
Useful tip: Now a day, people like to take it with sugar.

Caramel Macchiato

Macchiato is often made in different ways by different people and places. More traditionally, add foamed milk, caramel, some steamed milk and espresso. Usually, flavour vanilla is put to give it even better taste.

Useful tip: If the drink is not sweet already, some extra sugar might make the drink better.

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