The World of Pasta

Long and thin noodle shaped pasta

Some of the pasta that can be categorized into long and thin shaped pastas would be: Vermicelli, Capellini, and Spaghetti. These kinds of pastas are considered as best off to be garnished by lightly flavoured sauce or gravy. The reason for that is mainly these pastas are not thick, hence these are not supposed to be loaded with a lot of flavours or sauce. Some of the best exzmples of sauces to go with these pastas are usually garlic based or tomato based or olive oil based like marinara sauce with some traditional spaghetti.

Tubular and long noodle shaped pasta

These category of pastas somewhat resembles somewhat like angel hair spaghetti pasta, that is, mostly, these kinds of pastas are long and thin in shape. But, there is a major contrasting difference between the above and this category of pastas which is these pastas have a hollow tubular gap inside each of its noodle, example Bucatini and Perciatelli. This is the main reason why these pastas are appropriately suited with a sauce having dominant flavours. As the shape of the pasta noodles is tubular and is hollow, the sauce oozes inside each noodle and hence it produces more prominent taste of sauce.

Long and flat noodle shaped pasta

The shape of these noodles is more flat but still it’s tender in nature and lengthy in stands. Due to this reason it provides flat area for accommodating a sauce that’s thick or heavy. Some of the noodles in this category are Pappardelle, Tagilatelle, and Fettuccine. One of the best things accompanied by these kinds of pasta is meat. One of the most famous recipe for these types is called tagliatelle alla bolognese. The recipes which get along well with these pastas are among sea food due to the reason that thickness of meat in sea food is not as much as meat. Hence, the pasta properly carries it.

Tubular but small shaped Pasta

The main names in this particular category are rigatoni, ziti, and penne. These pastas are having small strands. As the small strands are not very tender, this pasta has the capability to holding much dense and heavy sauces. Sauce as well as the meat can be served along with this pasta as the sauce can hold on to the pasta at its ridges. These kinds of pasta are really good for the purpose of baking, example: well-known baked ziti, that is traditionally cocked along ground beef and tomato sauce.

Tubular & small shaped pasta

The famous pastas in this particular category are Ditalini and Macaroni. These types go best to be served along with cheesy  and creamy choice of sauce. Yes! the macroni and cheese is the perfect description of these type of pastas.

Pasta with short shape

This type of pasta can include a huge list of pastas as it can accommodate everything from edges to twisted pastas. The famous pastas in this category are Fusilli and Farfalle. This kind of pastas can be served along with a wide range of sauce as it’s built can retain creamier sauce, thicker sauce. These types of pastas are best when served fresh.

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